Stephen Elliot


Arena Stage Washington D.C.
Artbank Shelburne Falls, MA
Acton Jazz Cafe Acton, MA
The Academy Orleans, MA
(Cyclorama, Black Box, BCA Theatre)
Cedar River Complex Osage, IA
Double Edge Theatre Ashfield, MA
Drugie Studio Wroclawski Poland
Korean War Monument, the Nat'l Mall, Washington, D.C.
LaMama ETC NYC   
Malta Festival Poznan, Poland
Memorial Hall Shelburne Falls, MA
Middle East Cafe Cambrige MA
New Rep Theatre Newton, MA
Newton Center for the Arts Newton, MA
Northampton Center for the Arts
Open Theatre Festival of Wroclaw Poland
The Performance Place Somerville, MA
Pracownie Konservacji Zabytkow Wroclaw, Poland
Shea Theatre Turner's Falls, MA
The Vineyard Playhouse Martha's Vineyard, MA
Schronisku Teatru Bezdomego 
        (Shelter for Homeless Theatres) Wroclaw, Poland
Teatro Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani Lima, Peru



Past Collaborators  

David Atherton  composer

Eric Bass and Ines Zeller Bass 

        co-founders and directors of Sandglass Theatre

Susan Cole scholar, writer

Kathy Couch lighting designer, writer

Alexander Cormansky actor

​Christopher Crowley actor

Jola Cynkutis  actor, director, writer, visual artist

Zbigniew Cynkutis actor, artistic director,

        founder Drugie Studio Wroclawskie

Dody Disanto  Master teacher

Katie Down  composer, performer, music therapist

Court Dorseyactor, writer

Zoe Mancuso Dunkelbergactor

Diane Edgecomb  actor, writer

Erica Fae  actor, director, writer

Pat Flynn  actor, director, educator

Debra Fortsin  director, founder Tempest Productions

Alexander Frankfurter  visual artist, actor

Matt Glover musician

Joel Gluck  actor

Amy Goldfarb actor

Marina Goldman actor

Monica Gomi  actor

Lorraine Grosslight actor

Jeannine Haas actor, founder and artistic director Pauline Productions

Belle Linda Halpernsinger, actor

Sabrina Hamilton  founder,
        artistic director KO Festival of Performance, lighting designer, director
Laura Harrington  playwright, novelist

Michael Harrington  actor

Jeffrey Korn actor

Tannis Kowalchuk co-founder and artistic director

        North American Cultural Laboratory

Brad Krumholz co-founder North American Cultural Laboratory

Kristen Kunhardt​, musician

Eve Lindi musician, performer

Theresa Linnahan  founder,

         artistic director Children's Theatre of Newburyport

Jon Lipsky playwright, director, educator

Perla Logarzo actor

Karen Philpott McCoy, Scenic Artist

Michael McLaughlin, musician, composer, educator

Rena Mirecka actor, Master teacher

Zygmunt Molik  actor, director, Master teacher

Gene-Gabrielle Moore actor

Sean Murphy musician

Derek Nelson  actor

Julie Nelson actor, director

Bogdan Os musician

Jacek Ostaszewski  composer, founder Osjan

Michael Ouellette director, actor, educator

David Poeppel actor

Max Palar  White Crane Master, actor

Jen Pina  actor

Josh Randall lighting designer, actor

Yuval Ron  composer, musician

Miguel Rubio founder, artistic director Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani

Romek Poplynyk  director, actor, musician

Basia Ropelska  costume design, actor

Ron Roy composer, pianist

Matt Samolis musician, composer

Peter Schumann founder, artistic director Bread and Puppet Theatre

Miriam Shenitzer designer, visual artist

Mariusz Socha  musician

Thea Sontag  actor

Sheryl Stoodley co-founder, artistic director SeriousPlay!

Khalid Tyabji  actor, director, writer

Nic Ularu  scenic design, director, educator

Tony Vacca composer, musician, performer

Jon van Epp composer, musician

Joan Wattman ESL Interpreter, actor

Judi Wilson actor

Jean-Claude van Itallie, playwright, Master teacher

Jacek Zuzanski, director, actor, writer, puppet-master

Trisha Zembruski graphic artist, actor


PILGRIM THEATRE research and performance collaborative


KIM MANCUSO is the Artistic Director of Pilgrim Theatre, which she co-founded with Kermit Dunkelberg in Poland in 1986. Previously she was director of the International Company of the Second Studio of Wroclaw, Poland. For Pilgrim she has directed most productions including N (Bonaparte) by Laura Harrington (Ko Festival of Performance, Amherst; Boston), Faust 2002 (USA, Poland), Letters from Sarajevo (featured internationally on a Monitor Radio special report); Guys Dreamin’ (NY Top Ten of 1997); Moon Over Dark Street (Boston, NY); The Tibetan Book of the Dead (or how not to do it again) by Jean-Claude van Itallie, which premiered at the Boston Center for the Arts in August, 1998; The House Not Touched by Death; Gertrude Stein's Look and Long (Smith College); The Life You Save (Laura Harrington) for the Boston Theatre Marathon; and productions for MIT's Shakespeare Ensemble. Her work with Pilgrim Theatre and Jean-Claude van Itallie is featured in Susan Letzler Cole's book, Playwrights in Rehearsal: The Seduction of Company (Routledge 2001). She holds an MFA from the Yale School of Drama and teaches theatre at MIT. 

​KERMIT DUNKELBERG co-founded Pilgrim Theatre with Kim Mancuso in Poland in 1986 and has been involved as actor, director, and Managing Director since that time. Recent work with Pilgrim includes Kafka's The Trial: an extraordinary rendition (Boston), Moon Over Dark Street, The Tibetan Book of the Dead (or how not to do it again), The House Not Touched By Death, and Faust 2002. He completed his PhD dissertation (for New York University’s Department of Performance Studies), on “Grotowski and North American Theatre,” for which he received a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship for research in Poland, Italy, and France. He has taught at Hamilton College, Wesleyan University, New York University, MIT, and Emerson College. He has taught at Hamilton College, Wesleyan University, and MIT. His articles and reviews have appeared in The Drama Review, American Theatre, Theatre Journal,Theatre Forum, and other publications. Kermit also serves as Assistant Vice-President for Adult Education and Workforce Development at Holyoke Community College.

has performed and taught in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. She finished the two-year professional program at Jacques Lecoq’s International Theater School in Paris and completed her PhD in Theater History at Tufts. Research interests include the actor/creator, movement theater, mask and theatrical style’s work, and Latin American theatre. Susan performed for five years with Flemish movement innovator Frederik Vanmelle's company based in Mexico City. Locally, she has been a core member of Pilgrim Theatre Research and Performance Collaborative since 1990. Her original plays include Missing Persons, Panic, The Wild Place (co-authored with Jon Lipsky), Boundless as the Sea, Haunted by Waters and the most recent Pilgrim project, Unforgettable: Letters from Korea, based on archival letters written by her parents during the Korean War. She also teaches and directs at Commonwealth School and Boston College and has been a guest teacher/visiting artist at numerous area schools. SEE: